I’d be happy to charge mom’s iPhone for her
— Future Electrical Engineer


Mommys Helper Safe Plate Electrical Outlet Covers


Easily install a permanent and Convenient solution

These outlet covers replace your existing outlet covers and automatically cover the outlet when it's not in use.  Simply slide the cover to expose the outlet when you want to plug something in, and then it automatically slides back to the covered position when not in use.    

Very safe and super convenient

More expensive than plastic outlet covers


Munchkin Plug Covers


Simple and effective (though can be frustrating)

These outlet covers are the most commonly used solution.  Munchkin designed the smooth edges specifically to be difficult for young children to be able to grip.  They are a time-tested and cost-effective solution that works well.  The main drawback is how hard they are to remove (by design) which makes is inconvenient anytime you want to use the outlet.  

Cost-effective solution

Annoying to remove when you want to use the oulet


Guardian Angel Child Safety Outlet Plug Covers


Technology Solution for your "SmartHome"

These outlet covers actually detect what's happening in front of them, and automatically turn off the power when they detect the a person (or other 'conductive' material) in front of them.  We don't know a lot about the specifics of how this technology works, but they have been heralded as a great innovation in child safety, so if you can afford the price tag they may be a good option. 

Highly effective