Child Proofing Survey Results

We surveyed new parents to find out about their childproofing habits. 

Have You Baby Proofed Your Home?

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majority of all Households are Baby Proofed 

80% of all respondents indicated at least some level of baby proofing.  50% responded "Yes" and 30% responded "Sort of".


Why haven't you baby proofed your house?

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Most that haven't baby Proofed still planning on it


At what age did you start baby proofing?

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Most people start baby proofing between 4 and 6 months


Milestone When Started Baby Proofing

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Most people baby proof once baby starts crawling


Steps Taken to Baby Proof

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Locking cabinets and blocking stairs most common


How Hard Was Each Step

Baby Gates typically the most challenging part of baby Proofing


How Useful Was Each Step

Baby Gates Also The Most Useful